I’m biased. I live in North Toronto, and I think North Toronto is the best part of the city to live in. I’ve set up my business as a trusted real estate broker with an easily-defined area of specialty because I genuinely love it. Why, you ask?


Yonge Street neatly divides Toronto in half. To a lot of Torontonians, that’s the most significant divide. North Toronto is above all that. We’re connected to the centre and we love it! We’re connected to great neighbourhood shopping up and down Yonge Street, Avenue Road and Mount Pleasant. We’re connected to the city core by amazing public transit and North/South arteries and we can get out of town at the drop of a hat through quick and easy access to the 401.


It’s hard to argue with the quiet that blankets most of North Toronto. Step away from the major roads that get you in and out of its neighbourhoods and an impression of calm descends and remains. Residents enjoy walking. Their dogs agree. Runners feel safe. You see a lot of children and baby carriages. There’s a beautiful canopy of trees. The homes are well cared for. If this isn’t bliss, I don’t know what is.


When you step away from you front door in most places in North Toronto, you path will inevitably lead to something that will draw your attention o appeal to your senses. That could mean a public park, or it could mean a pocket of interesting shops. For me, it often means relaxing with a really good cup of coffee in one of several hang-outs. It’s also not at all unusual for me to come home with something that I had no idea I was going to buy that day, which I take as a benefit of the many boutique shops here.

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