The truth is there can be any number of real estate agents vying for your attention and hoping for your business. I’ve always believed that the best approach is to separate myself from the pack. The best way to do that is to have a way of doing things that works, a manner that people enjoy, and the confidence that I have built through years of success.

But what makes me different?



To me one of the keys to success in selling real estate in Toronto stems from a basic attitude that values relationships more than transactions. That means I’m more motivated to make you happy than to simply complete the sale or purchase. Why? Partly because it’s in my nature, but also because I believe in the axiom that if you take care of people the money will follow. It’s an approach that’s proven itself (in my books) through the referrals and ongoing repeat business that I enjoy with my client base.


Building on my first point, because I genuinely enjoy getting to know the people I work with, and because I get to know them through what is often a life defining process, I see a direct relationship between my ability to help and my ability to relate. What it comes down to is this: by taking the time to get to know you and understand your motivations, cares and concerns, I’m better able to present you with the opportunities that will satisfy your needs.


Being methodical really works, especially in a business like this. Selling real estate in Toronto (as in any market) is incredibly detail oriented. It is also fast-paced and cutthroat. It is all too easy in the face of the confusion of the day to miss details or leave actions unattended to. In my experience, that’s when things stop working. That’s why I stay on top of the details. The process of buying or selling homes ebbs and flows and is sometimes unpredictable. Knowing the process inside and out, and understanding why every part of it matters, is a major factor of my approach. The way I see it, you don’t need to know the things that I need to know. By knowing them for you, and taking responsibility, I make things work for you.


On the surface, the real estate business is all about relationships. On the other hand, in a business relationship everything falls apart in the absence of results. Understanding that results matter to my clients, and understanding my clients’ definition of good results, means that to me, the business of real estate is about satisfying other people’s expectations. I see those expectations as being both financial and personal, which makes sense when you consider that what’s being bought and sold is your home.


There is nothing that I do on any client’s behalf that is not made better by the team I rely on to fulfill my promises. Of course, I take on many aspects of the work myself, but it all happens with the confidence of reliable support. The power of the Bosley Real Estate name in the brokerage team with which I work comes down to shared professionalism and dedication to standards. Whereas other agents may need to outsource financial assistance, legal information, or other factors, I have the confidence of a team that’s made up of much more than just a sales force.


There are two things that I would like people to know that I know about selling real estate in Toronto. The first is that I know what I’m doing. The second is that I know what’s important to you. The strength of my practice comes from a balance of professionalism and empathy, knowing and caring and doing what needs to be done while understanding why it matters. In each of these equations it may be hard to see the value of the second half, but it’s what my clients tell me they’ve appreciated the most, and it’s what keeps me going.