There’s a lot to consider when you want to buy a house. After you’ve found your ideal neighbourhood, the next question presents itself: what type of home do you see yourself in? It all revolves around your lifestyle and personal taste. Toronto is chalk full of traditional and modern houses, you just have to decide what’s right for you.

When you’re looking to buy, it’s important to have a real estate agent that understands your specific wants, needs, and style preferences.

Here’s a quick comparison of traditional and modern houses to help give you some direction:

What’s So Great About Traditional Houses?

Traditional homes have solid construction that’s stood the test of time. Crown molding, classic fireplaces, hardwood floors, and hand-carved staircases tell the story of each home’s craftsmanship. Now that’s something you can’t get in your newly built condominium. They also usually come in well-established neighbourhoods, with larger lots and more square feet, so you’re getting the most for your money, inside and out.

What To Look Out For:

As beautiful as these homes are, they do have their downfalls. Older homes tend to be more expensive to heat and cool, since they’re bigger and usually a bit drafty. Be diligent in the home inspection process if you’re looking at an older house, and be careful of knob-and-tube wiring, outdated plumbing, and any structural issues.

Let’s Talk About Modern Builds:

On average, it’s first-time buyers that are looking for the never-before-lived-in, modern builds, but the shiny newness and ability to customize a home from the start can be tempting to any buyer. Open floor plans are a big selling feature in contemporary homes, especially with families, and they aren’t common in older houses without some renovations. Modern houses are built for today’s homebuyer, fitted with sleek, energy-efficient finishings that make a smaller environmental impact compared to a traditional house.

What To Look Out For:

Something a modern home can’t compete with is the authentic charm that traditional houses have. Most contemporary homes lack the character that older houses have, and end up looking almost exactly like the one next-door, save for the furnishings and paint colour. They’re also usually built on smaller lots and lack mature landscaping. If you’re looking at a brand new build to get that modern design, chances are you’ll be farther from the city, which means a longer commute and less convenience.

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