spring real estate market

It feels like only last week that I talked about the autumn real estate surge, but here we are – spring is fast approaching. I think conversations about the spring real estate market should start way before the tulips bloom. In fact, the Toronto spring market typically starts in mid-January, so it’s time to start planning.

Spring is coming. Early.

The end of the year is almost here and you might be thinking of putting your house on the market say, oh, in May or June. Guess what? That’s probably a little late. Last year, the Toronto Star reported sale surges in January and February because of growing demand from young buyers and wealthy immigrants.

It’s easy to see why. Who wants to wait until May when everyone is putting out their for-sale signs? Plus, you know buyers are determined when they are viewing properties in freezing temperatures.

Take note of the small screen.

No one needs to tell you that smartphones are the norm now, so make sure your house looks good on mobile devices. When you’re talking to your real estate agent, you should insist that the photos of your home are of good quality and show up properly on a smartphone. If someone has to squint to see, they will most likely exit the page. It’s a fact that listings with better pictures get more views, so you should make sure you are showing your house in the best light.

People buy lifestyles, not homes.

When people buy a new home, they’re really upgrading their lifestyle. How many times do we tell ourselves that we want to cook nicer meals or go on more exciting vacations? When someone walks into a house, he or she is already picturing that better life, so the staging of your property is critical. A good agent will help you tell a story with your property that draws buyers in.

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