I have seen many MLS listings done very poorly. There are listings being loaded without any photos, no room sizes, no showing instructions, no inclusions or exclusions; and the list of missed opportunities goes on from there.

The fact is, over 95% of all MLS listings are sold by other co-operating brokers. When a property is marketed for a client, It’s not just marketed to the public, but other agents as well. If the MLS listing if filled with errors, poor grammar, and bad photos, we are doing a disservice to our sellers.

Marketing through the MLS should include professional photos, floor plans, staging, and should utilize every inch of the very limited space in the client and broker fields to mention some of the positive selling features of the home.

These are all important because the MLS system can be used to determine the fairness of pricing by through comparative analysis. This analysis is heavily based on location and, you guessed it, the descriptions of the property. This means, if you’re not describing the home accurately, you’re missing out.

And often times, buyers get potential listings automatically emailed to them. This includes the property descriptions, photographs and prices. If there are typos and missing information in your MLS listings, then the automated system might not pick up your listing.

So the lesson here is simple: fill out all the fields in your MLS listings and be sure to proofread. Everyone is watching.

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