Finding a neighbourhood to buy your next home in can feel overwhelming, especially if you are new to Toronto.

Even if you have lived in the city for years, you may still be unfamiliar with some of the new or up-and-coming communities here. We are lucky to have so many unique neighbourhoods in this city, each with their own personality–it is all about finding the one that best suits you and your family.

So what should you really be looking for in a new neighbourhood?

1.The Type of Homes

In Toronto there are condo communities, neighbourhoods brimming with historic detached homes, and everything in between. Consider your budget, space needed, and lifestyle to determine what type of house is best for you.

2. School Boundaries

Although buying a home in a specific school catchment does not always guarantee a spot for your child in that school, it does increase the chances. North Toronto is home to some of Toronto’s most reputable schools, so it pays to take a look at the real estate surrounding it.

3. The Community

From Little Italy to Chinatown, the cultural diversity in this city provides buyers with an endless variety of neighbourhoods to live in. There are quiet family focused areas or lively downtown strips, offering like-minded communities for any stage of life.

4. Commute Time

Whether you’re a cyclist, motorist, or a daily TTC rider, your commute distance will affect your daily life and schedule. What is the longest amount of time you would like to spend commuting? Do you want to live close to work or are you willing to travel across the city?

5. The Amenities

Some buyers want a nearby park, others are looking to be immersed in the trendiest shops and cafés. Making a list of the most to least important amenities in your life will help you narrow down your neighbourhood search.

Your neighbourhood criteria will change depending on your own specific needs and lifestyle. If you’re looking to relocate or purchase a home in a new Toronto neighbourhood, but aren’t sure what area is best for you, I am happy to help.

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