I was asked to give a presentation to a couple who were downsizing from their current home to a smaller condominium. They had a number of concerns, but mainly it was a matter of wanting to feel comfortable with their agent and their process. They had already spoken with several other agents, but hadn’t yet got to the point where they were “feeling the love.”


In my presentation, I stressed the importance of prepping their home with the interests of potential buyers in mind. I suggested a number of steps that would depersonalize the space and open it up for the consideration of others. I made sure that the logic of the approach was clear, and that they could see my suggestions as good marketing techniques. Mainly however, I took the time to listen to them and to understand their reasons for wanting to downsize – including the importance of being able to more easily maintain their city residence while spending more time at the cottage.


The steps we took for staging were actually quite minor, and preparing the house for sale turned out to be a smooth process. The house sold for 150K over their asking price – the result of a nice bit of competition between six bidders. As well, we helped them find great condo in traffic building that more than met their needs. Now they are enjoying the commute between the city and the cottage, without the stress of worrying about getting back to cut the grass.