My client had told me that he was concerned about making an offer on a new house before he’d sold the one that he was living in. He didn’t want to get caught in a bridge-financing situation. Now he was on vacation – literally getting off a plane – and I was on the phone with what I knew was the perfect house for him.


He came straight from the airport to meet me at the house I was proposing, and it turned out I was right. This was too good to turn away from. The house was perfect, and in just the right location. We submitted an offer the same day, and in this case, by being quick and decisive, we were able to get in the head of any competitive bids.


The offer was accepted, and we listed and sold his previous home (at a good price) within a one week period. Now my client walks to work and home again through the neighbourhood that he loves, and lives in a house in which he feels truly at home.