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I’m passionate about helping people find the homes they want. It feels great, every time an offer is accepted and a purchase agreement is signed. And while my pleasure shouldn’t necessarily be a factor in choosing me as a real estate agent, many of my clients tell me that it’s clear that I am not motivated primarily by money. To me, buying a house is not about the transaction. While that may be a nice, feel-good thing to say, it also makes strong business sense. My practice thrives on repeat business and recommendations. I do well because my clients know that I enjoy applying my expertise to their challenge.

As well, it should be understood (but often isn’t) that when it comes to helping clients find a home to buy, your agent’s time does not cost you anything. The agent is paid by the seller. The only potential downside to choosing an agent is that he could fail to help you find the home of your dreams. That’s why choosing the right agent makes such a difference.

My approach is to take as long as it takes to find the place that will satisfy you.

The benefit to me of not rushing you through the process is referrals, repeat business, and the satisfaction that I get from helping to make you happy. What makes me feel confident that I can help you find the house of your dreams?

First of all, the most important thing to me is to understand you, and what will make you happy.

Secondly, I have a good knowledge of the areas of the city in which I specialize. That means detailed experience of what’s around every corner on every street in the neighbourhoods that you’ve told me you would like to live.

Finally, I have been doing this long enough that the comfort and ease with which I bring opportunities to my clients, the advice that I’m able to give, and the network of experts that I draw on all add up to a positive experience and satisfactory outcomes for my clients.

I’m very proud to be a real estate broker, and I do my best to give the profession a good name.

As they go through the process of buying a house, my clients know that I’m not here to serve my own interests. To me, it’s always about you. I take the time to find the right place, because there’s no point in pressuring anyone into a purchase. It doesn’t matter if you buy the first house that you see or make an offer on one that you see six months down the road. What matters is getting it right.

As well, I don’t hesitate to be brutally honest and apply my three-strike rule: if a home has three things wrong with it, you’ll have a hard time selling it down the road. Given the size of the investment you’ll be making in the home, it makes sense to give this serious consideration; no matter long you plan to live there.

I have been known to advise clients against making an offer on homes that they may have been feeling pretty good about. Sometimes they take the advice, and sometimes they don’t. The important thing to me is to have raised the concern to them.

Finally for me what it comes down to is this: I understand that this is the place where you will be living your life. It will be where you share meals and park your car. It will be where your children grow up. All of this adds up to a great deal of emotion around a financial investment. By showing you that I understand the emotions and providing advice on the investment, I can play an important role in helping you to make a pivotal decision.