There is nothing like getting the keys to your new home and walking through the door for the first time. All of the stress and waiting of the home buying process has finally paid off, and you are now a homeowner.

So, what comes next? There is plenty to learn when it comes to owning your first home. Here are five pieces of advice so that you can start off on the right foot.

1. Take Your Time Remodelling and Furnishing
You may have been planning the kitchen remodel from the second you laid eyes on its outdated design, but don’t jump in too quickly. Although having a modern, completed kitchen is ideal, it is important to take your time choosing the right materials, budgeting appropriately, finding a trusted contractor to work with, and deciding on a design that will reflect your taste for years to come.

2. Review Your Insurance
Buying a home is a big investment–probably the largest one you will ever make. Meet with a professional to make sure that your home is properly insured and that your policy covers what is necessary. This may be a good time to look over your car and life insurance policies as well.

3. Get to Know Your Home
It always takes a bit of time to get used to a new home. During the first little while, you will want to see what repairs or adjustments need to be made and familiarize yourself with the heating and cooling systems, appliances, water tank, and other features.

4. Save For Unexpected Expenses
As a new homeowner, you are sure to find many little projects and larger fixes that need to be done around your property. If you do not already have some funds set aside to put into your new home, now is the time to start saving. You never know when an appliance will break, an upgrade will be needed, or you will need to hire a professional to help with a problem.

5. Explore Your New Neighbourhood
Whether you are new to the country or just new to this part of the city, exploring the community around you is another exciting part of buying a home. Try out your nearby restaurants, cafes and shops to find your new local favourite. If you want to get to know your neighbours, ask them for some trusted recommendations.

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